About us

Yomato Carbon Fiber Boutique
Yomato Carbon Inc. is a Canadian company based in Montreal providing carbon fiber solutions for signature vehicles, including BMW ///M | MERCEDES-AMG | LAMBORGHINI | MCLAREN | FERRARI
The name Yomato is originated from the Japanese lead battleship Yamato, the heaviest battleship ever constructed. At Yomato Carbon Fiber, we are committed to bring high-grade carbon fiber accessories a step closer to you.
At Yomato Carbon, we believe in using the highest quality carbon fiber raw material. One product at a time, our technicians take great care of every piece of the carbon product they work on. The result is a product that not only reflects your lifestyle but also showcases the highest level of craftsmanship.
Our Carbon Fiber products are manufactured using the dry-Layup vacuum infusion process. The vacuum infusion technology ensures a perfectly even distribution of the resin and the result is a material that is both lighter and stronger for street or track use.
Our Yomato Exotic product line takes full advantage of the high-pressure autoclave curing process, the same technology that is used to create aerospace grade composite materials. This process allows us to create a carbon fiber that can withstand even the most severe environments.